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by justindburton on September 6, 2011

IASPM-US is proud to announce the launch of its blog. Starting today, we will be bringing you a wide variety of popular music content, straight to the front page of the website.

The primary daily content of the blog will be excerpts from and links to current popular music writing from across the web. We will cull articles that reflect IASPM-US’s unique approach to popular music, which is to say thoughtful analysis of all aspects of music-making, music consumption, and music production from the broadest possible selection of genres. The hope is that we can draw attention to quality writing and interesting content while also offering a place to discuss these essays.

Beyond that, we will also keep you up-to-date on recent scholarship in the field of popular music. We’ll post short interviews with authors of books and journal articles, as well as feature upcoming popular music panels and papers from conferences, including IASPM-US’s joint 2012 conference with EMP at the Clive Davis Institute at NYU.

The IASPM-US blog will also be the place to find CFPs for conferences, journals, and book collections and the latest popular music job postings. You can help with this. When you see a relevant CFP or job posting, send it our way.

We would also like to feature your work. We’ve published a call for content that can be found in the left sidebar. (You know what? Let’s put a link to it here, too.) The call suggests a number of running features that explore different areas of the field, and your contribution to these features will help make the blog a vibrant and eclectic center for popular music content. As you can see in the descriptions of the running features listed in the call (which is also the post just below this one), the goal is to keep posts relatively short (500-1200 words). This keeps writers’ loads light, and it promotes further discussion in the comments section, which should be beneficial to writers and readers alike. Lengths, of course, are suggestions, as are these running features; mostly, we just want to see and feature your work, so send us your best stuff!

Your main contribution, though? Your presence. Stop by often and read us. Post your thoughts and ideas in the comment section. Add us to your blog reader (you only need the main web address: iaspm-us.net). Then drop us a line anytime you have an idea or a piece to publish or a link to share: iaspmus@gmail.com. You can also follow us on facebook (search “International Association for the Study of Popular Music – United States Branch) and twitter (@iaspmus), and you can participate in our forum and join our listserv.

This is an exciting new endeavor for IASPM-US, and it’s happening because of the contributions of many within the organization, including Jason Oakes, who has worked as the webmaster for the last couple of years, and Barry Shank, Eric Weisbard, Caroline Polk O’Meara, and Karl Hagstrom Miller, who have spent several months brainstorming ways to increase IASPM-US’s web presence. I mention them now because their names won’t appear on many posts, but you can be sure that they’re working in the background to keep the organization and all of its extensions – including this blog – fresh and current.

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