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It’s no question, life’s been good to me/ Cause life ain’t nothing but a good groove/ A good mixtape to put you in the right mood

-The Beastie Boys, “Professor Booty”

Mixtapes are phonographic anthologies capable of telling stories through ideas and emotions, coded in the selection and sequence of featured musical selections. These sonic anthologies also act as media through which mixtape composers express social and collective identities. The IASPM-US website seeks 30-45 minute-long mixes for our mixtape series. The mix can feature any genre(s) of music and style of production, and should be accompanied by a short explanation that speaks to the motivation and vision behind its creation, and/or a critical reflection on the place of the music in a given social, political, or cultural context (250-500 words). For some ideas and inspiration, check out our featured posts below, and also The Mixtape Museum blog, which includes a list of resources and bibliography on mixtape-related projects.

The audio mix itself can be submitted in AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR or WMA formats, which will be uploaded to the IASPM-US MixCloud account. The accompanying material may include both text and multimedia (audio/video footage or YouTube clips, for example).

We are now accepting submissions on a rolling basis. Please submit drafts and multimedia files as attachments to iaspmus@gmail.com.

Featured Posts

“Subversive Sounds from the Women of the Detroit Hip Hop Underground” by Rebekah Farrugia

“‘Please Listen to My CD-R’: Underground Hip-Hop Music from the Fans” by Anthony Kwame Harrison

“Resilience & Melancholy–Post-feminist Pop & Its Discontents” by Robin James

“black and blue ain’t always a bruise” by Nicole Campbell

“The Art of Sampling: When Rap Music Meets Classical” by Shane Colquhoun

“JRIDOL MIX 00″ by Dante Fuumo

“From Oral Tradition to Carnivalization: Chutney Soca, the Indian Sound of the Caribbean” by Darrell G. Baksh

“NOLA Hiphop Archive” by Alison Fensterstock and Holly Hobbs

“APPARITION” by Alyxandra Vesey

“Resurrect the Cassette: Revaluing Bay Area Underground Hip Hop Tapes,” by Anthony Kwame Harrison

“Hearing Raggamuffin Hip-hop: Musical Records as Historical Record,” by Wayne Marshall and Pacey Foster

“elegy (for extraordinary black boys and girls),” by Jalylah Burrell

“PRISMatic,” by Victor Szabo

“World War IV Techno,” by Ryan Diduck

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