IASPM-US Interview Series: Current List of Available Books

IASPM-US Interview Series

Below is a list of authors who have agreed to be interviewed for the IASPM-US interview series. If you would like to volunteer to interview one of them, please write to our Executive Web Editor, Jarek Paul Ervin. We’ll request a review copy of the book to be sent to you from the publisher (please include your mailing address when you contact us) and connect you with the author you’re interviewing. At that point, you can briefly introduce yourself to the author if you haven’t met before, then work with her/him to come up with a deadline that works for both of you (let us know as soon as you’ve established a deadline, please) as well as a format (usually Skype or email) for conducting the interview.

Before volunteering, please read the interview guidelines, which are essentially a list of best practices.

If you would like to suggest a book to be added to the list (especially if you wrote it, or want to conduct the interview!), please contact us here.