IASPM-US Interview Series

The IASPM-US Interview Series features conversations with authors of recently published books on popular music topics. Below are links to each interview featured on the site. Interview guidelines can be found here. For a current list of books whose author’s have agreed to be interviewed, click here.

Victory through HarmonyChristina Baade, Victory Through Harmony: The BBC and Popular Music in WWII (Oxford 2011). Interview conducted by Samantha Bassler, posted 24 April 2013.

Are We Not New WaveTheo Cateforis, Are We Not New Wave? Modern Pop at the Turn of the 1980s (University of Michigan 2011). Interview conducted by Nick Rubin, posted 11 July 2012.

McPartlandPaul de Barros, Shall We Play That One Together? The Life and Art of Piano Jazz Legend Marian McPartland (St. Martin’s Press 2012). Interview conducted by Carolyn Graye, posted 30 January 2013.

Listening LongingDaniel Cavicchi, Listening and Longing: Music Lovers in the Age of Barnum (Wesleyan 2012). Interview conducted by Dorothy Berry, posted 22 April 2013.

Listening through the NoiseJoanna Demers, Listening through the Noise: The Aesthetics of Experimental Electronic Music (Oxford 2010). Interview conducted by John Melillo, posted 19 October 2015.

how-to-rap-2-coverPaul Edwards, How to Rap 2: Advanced Flow and Delivery Techniques (Chicago Review Press 2013). Interview conducted by Shane Colquhoun, posted 24 February 2015.

Farrugia, Beyond the Dance FloorRebekah Farrugia, Beyond the Dance Floor: Female DJs, Technology and Electronic Dance Music Culture (U Chicago Press 2012). Interview conducted by Luis-Manuel Garcia, posted 30 August 2013.

Jazz CosmopolitanismSteven Feld, Jazz Cosmopolitanism in Accra: Five Musical Years in Ghana (Duke 2012) and Sound and Sentiment: Birds, Weeping, Poetics, and Song in Kaluli Expression, 3rd Edition (Duke 2012). Interview conducted by Mark Pedelty, posted 19 December 2012.

Birds of FireKevin Fellezs, Jazz, Rock, Funk, and the Creation of Fusion (Duke 2011). Interview conducted by Karl Hagstrom-Miller, posted 17 October 2011.

Phil Ford, DigPhil Ford, Dig: Sound & Music in Hip Culture (Oxford 2013). Interview conducted by Marilou Polymeropoulou, posted 13 September 2013.

One Night on TVMurray Forman, One Night on TV is Worth Weeks at the Paramount: Popular Music on Early Television (Duke 2012). Interview conducted by Daniel Simmons, posted on 8 April 2013.

thejazzstandards_tedgioiaTed Gioia, The Jazz Standards: A Guide to the Repertoire (Oxford 2012). Interview conducted by Carolyn Graye, posted 30 July 2012.

Hip Hop Obama ReaderTravis L. Gosa and Erik Nielson, eds., The Hip Hop & Obama Reader (Oxford 2015). Interview conducted by Shane Colquhoun, posted 14 January 2016.

Hip Hop UndergroundAnthony Kwame Harrison, Hip Hop Underground: The Integrity and Ethics of Racial Identification (Temple 2009). Interview conducted by Geoff Harkness, posted 29 May 2012.

Go Go LiveNatalie Hopkinson, Go-Go Live: The Musical Life and Death of a Chocolate City (Duke 2012). Interview conducted by Dorothy Berry, posted 8 October 2012.

Rednecks Queers and Country MusicNadine Hubbs, Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music (UC Press 2014). Interview conducted by Diane Pecknold, posted 11 May 2015.

R&MRobin James, Resistance & Melancholy: Pop Music, Feminism, Neoliberalism (Zer0 2015). Interview conducted by Justin Williams, posted 5 March 2016.

sounding-race-in-rap-songsLoren Kajikawa, Sounding Race in Rap Songs (UC Press 2015). Interview conducted by Mike D’Errico, posted 30 November 2015.

Kalinak-Music-in-the-WesternKathryn Kalinak, Music in the Western: Notes from the Frontier (Routledge 2011). Interview conducted by Allison Robbins, posted 23 January 2013.

Groove MusicMark Katz, Groove Music: The Art and Culture of the Hip Hop DJ (Oxford 2012). Interview conducted by Justin D Burton, posted 29 April 2013.

DanzonAlejandro L. Madrid and Robin D. Moore, Danzón: Circum-Caribbean Dialogues in Music and Dance (Oxford 2013). Interview conducted by Aleysia K. Whitmore, posted 15 June 2015.

McCracken Real Men bookAllison McCracken, Real Men Don’t Sing: Crooning in American Culture (Duke 2015). Interview conducted by Victor Szabo, posted 17 April 2016.

EcomusicologyMark Pedelty, Ecomusicology: Rock, Folk, and the Environment (Temple 2012). Interview conducted by Eric Hung, posted 23 July 2012.

Devon Powers, Writing the RecordDevon Powers, Writing the Record: The Village Voice and the Birth of Rock Criticism (UMass Press 2013). Interview conducted by Kimberly Mack, posted 23 September 2013.

The Amazing Bud PowellGuthrie P. Ramsey, Jr., The Amazing Bud Powell (UC Press 2013). Interview conducted by Nate Sloan, posted 9 April 2014.

Eye for MusicJohn Richardson, An Eye for Music: Popular Music and the Audiovisual Surreal (Oxford 2012). Interview conducted by Elizabeth Lindau, posted 12 December 2012.

Garage_band_book_coverPeter Roller, Milwaukee Garage Bands: Generations of Grassroots Rock (The History Press 2013). Interview conducted by Brian F. Wright, posted 26 September 2014.

Roll With ItMatt Sakakeeny, Roll With It (Duke 2013). Interview conducted by Steven Feld, posted 18 August 2014.

bytes and backbeatsSteve Savage, Bytes and Backbeats: Repurposing Music in the Digital Age (Michigan 2012). Interview conducted by Marilou Polymeropoulou, posted 16 January 2013.

political force of musical beautyBarry Shank, The Political Force of Musical Beauty (Duke 2014). Interview conducted by Benjamin Court, posted 8 September 2014.

grunge-music-and-memory (1)Catherine Strong, Grunge: Music and Memory (Ashgate 2011). Interview conducted by Johannes Springer, posted 13 August 2012.

Tackley, Benny GoodmanCatherine Tackley, Benny Goodman’s Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert (Oxford 2012). Interview conducted by Katherine Williams, posted 23 August 2013.

Sounds of CapitalismTimothy D. Taylor, The Sounds of Capitalism: Advertising, Music, and the Conquest of Culture (Chicago 2012). Interview conducted by Josh Ottum, posted 15 April 2013.

Williams Rhymin StealinJustin Williams, Rhymin and Stealin: Musical Borrowing in Hip-Hop (University of Michigan 2013). Interview conducted by Justin D. Burton, posted 21 April 2014.

Elizabeth Wollman, Hard TimesElizabeth Wollman, Hard Times: The Adult Musical in 1970s New York City (Oxford 2012). Interview conducted by Christopher Culp, posted 18 September 2013.