Popular Music Writing IASPM-US

The United States branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM-US) uses its front page to feature cutting edge work in the field of popular music studies as well as useful information for members of the organization and pop enthusiasts at large. The IASPM-US site is designed to extend the organization’s mission to anchor American popular music scholarship by linking those in the field to pertinent news and research as it appears, highlighting notable and emergent scholarship, and strengthening personal ties. As an extension of IASPM-US, the site is committed to engaging popular music both fresh and historical with thoughtful and creative analysis. We have three features currently ongoing on our website:

  • IASPM Interviews: The IASPM-US Interview Series features conversations with authors of recently published books on popular music topics. We are always searching for new books and for interviewers to contribute content. Publishers, authors, or potential interviewers should consult our series here.
  • Mixtape Series: Mixtapes are phonographic anthologies capable of telling stories through ideas and emotions, coded in the selection and sequence of featured musical selections. The IASPM-US website seeks 30-45 minute-long mixes for our mixtape series. See our series page here.
  • First Time I’ve Ever Heard: We’ve all experienced it—that moment when you hear a band or musician for the very first time and everything changes. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, but nothing is quite the same after. We’re asking to hear about the first time you heard something that knocked your musical universe off its axis, even if only for a moment. Check out the series here.

We are also eager to consider other sorts of interesting work. Please get in touch with our editors, Jarek Paul Ervin and Pippin Bongiovanni, via email.