New Issue of JPMS (23:2)

by justindburton on June 29, 2011

I opened my mailbox a few weeks ago and found Lou Reed staring at me from the cover of the latest Journal of Popular Music Studies. The issue is, editors Karen Tongson and Gustavus Stadler tell us in the opening note, “a reboot of sorts, not only because of our new cover and redesign, but also in that it establishes many of the ‘plots’ or broad intellectual concerns that we hope will guide the journal through the coming years.”

The issue has some exciting content, from the straightforward essays about Betty Davis and Elvis/Susan Boyle to the “Amplified” section, which features short ruminations on the present state of popular music written by the JPMS editorial board.

I suggested on the forum a few weeks ago that we discuss the journal by dividing it into articles and started a couple of threads. I’ll link those threads here and also leave the comments open for everyone to say what they’d like about the issue. If you haven’t read it yet, you really are missing out on some riveting reads.

Here’s the thread for Joanna Demers’ “On Meaninglessness.”

Here’s the thread for Wayne Marshall’s “No Logos?”

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