Previous Conferences

Each year, the IASPM-US annual conference brings together cutting edge scholars from a variety of disciplines for four days of stimulating exchanges and exciting new ideas in the field of popular music studies. The 2013 conference will be held in Austin, TX, 28 February-3 March 2013. Information on past conferences can be found below.

2012: Sounds of the City: Joint Conference with EMP, New York, NY, 22-25 March 2012.

IASPM-US Popular Music Conference2o11: Time Keeps on Slipping: Popular Music Histories, Cincinnati, OH, 9-13 March 2011

2010: Births, Stages, Declines, Revivals: Lolyola University, New Orleans, LA, 8-11 April 2010

2009: Don’t Fence Me In: Borders, Frontiers, and Diasporas, University of California-San Diego, 29-31 May 2009