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by justindburton on November 9, 2011

The AMS Popular Music Study group is proud to host our inaugural session at the 2011 San Francisco meeting. We will have three great papers. Please come!

“If You’re Going to San Francisco”: Popular Music and the Bay Area (Grand Ballroom B)
8PM Thursday, November 10
Rob Walser (Case Western Reserve University), Chair
Jessica A. Schwartz (New York University), “Listening Beyond Myth: The San Francisco Bay Area Punk Scene (1978-Present)”
Lincoln Ballard (Seattle, Wash.), “Preservation or Profiteering? The Fillmore, from Bill Graham to Live Nation”
Michael T. Spencer (Michigan State University), “At Night We Wail: West Coast Jazz and the Challenge of Jazz (FM) Radio”

There will also be a business meeting the next day, Room Bayview B, 6PM on Friday, November 11. Please come and share your ideas about the future of the nascent AMS Pop Music Study Group.

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justindburton November 9, 2011 at 12:47 pm

Gabriel Solis also has mentioned another session of potential interest: “Though it’s not sponsored by the PMSG, folks might also be interested in my panel with Patrick Burke (Washington U, St. Louis), Peter Schmelz (Washington U, St. Louis), Ruth Rosenberg (UI Chicago), and Alejandro Madrid (UI Chicago), titled “Music and the Future of Nostalgia” (Friday, 8:00). We’ll be looking at the impact of Svetlana Boym’s seminal _The Future of Nostalgia_, now a decade old, and thinking about nostalgia as a theme in musicology. I’ll be speaking on a shift in types of nostalgia in Tom Waits’s music from the 1970s, 1980s, and 2000s, Patrick will be speaking about 1930s jazz, and Alejandro will be speaking on popular music in Mexico. The other two participants are not looking popular music, per se, but may still be of interest to readers of this listserv.” The session is in Seacliff C.

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