New IASPM-US Editor-in-Chief: Mike D’Errico

by justindburton on April 23, 2013

IASPM-US is excited to announce that, effective 1 June 2013, Mike D’Errico will become the editor-in-chief of the organization’s website. Until June 1, Mike will work in tandem with the current editor, Justin Burton, in the everyday running of the site as well as in selecting an Assistant Manager to start in June 2013 (call for applications coming soon).


Mike D’Errico is a PhD student in the UCLA Department of Musicology and the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate Program. His research interests and performance activities include hip-hop and electronic dance music, video games and generative media, and sound studies. In addition to his work with IASPM-US, where he is editor-in-chief of the website and student representative to the executive committee, Mike is the technical editor for two UCLA music journals, Echo: a music-centered journal and Ethnomusicology Review. As Editor-in-Chief of the IASPM-US website, Mike’s primary vision includes maintaining the flow of popular music scholarship to the site’s front page, continuing to foster the interorganizational collaborations that strengthen IASPM-US and its place in the field of popular music studies, increasing multimedia content on the webpage as much as possible (audio interviews, audio and video podcasts, diversifying the audiovisual elements of the web interface), and increasing the social media presence of the organization.

Welcome, Mike!

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