IASPM-US Survey: Win a Free Membership!

by Jarek Ervin on August 17, 2017

The IASPM-US Membership & Communications Committee is asking all IASPM-US members, as well as former and lapsed members, to complete this survey on the organization and its future. The survey should take about 15-20 minutes to complete. In exchange, we will be holding a drawing for 3 participating scholars to win free one-year IASPM-US membership renewals. To enter in the drawing, you will enter your email address and employment status following the completion of the survey. 3 drawings will take place to determine the 3 recipients. One of the 3 drawings will be reserved solely for students, contingent faculty, and underemployed scholars. Email addresses will not be linked to survey answers, and will only be used for drawing purposes. IASPM-US Executive Committee and Membership Committee members are not eligible for the drawings.

Please follow this link to take the survey. The survey will be open until Tuesday, September 5. Your participation will be essential to growing and improving our organization for the years to come. Thank you!

Victor Szabo, Tim Anderson, Pippin Bongiovanni, Rebekah Farrugia, and Esther Morgan-Ellis (The IASPM-US Membership & Communications Committee)

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