IASPM-US Statement Regarding Journal of Popular Music Studies

by Jarek Ervin on June 20, 2017

The current president of IASPM-US, Steve Waksman, has released this statement regarding its relationship to Wiley and the Journal of Popular Music Studies, signed by a number of former members of the JPMS editorial board:

For years now the relationship between Wiley, IASPM-US, and the editors of Journal of Popular Music Studies has been strained. As a result, we are in the process of terminating our relationship with Wiley and finding a new publisher. Unfortunately, because of the stipulations of the contract we have with Wiley, this will mean that we have to leave JPMS behind and begin a new journal more or less from scratch.

Several weeks ago, the full editorial board of JPMS, including its two current editors, Diane Pecknold and Oliver Wang, agreed to resign en masse. We did so with the understanding that this would put us in a position of strength as we conduct a search for a new publisher and work to establish a new journal dedicated to popular music studies that will better serve the membership of the organization and better reflect its intellectual mission.

Wiley has now begun to contact former editorial board members who have already given notice of their resignation, trying to invite them back into service with the journal. We are posting this announcement to make sure that all IASPM-US members and members of the broader popular music studies community understand the circumstances surrounding the status of JPMS. Any inquiries can be directed to the current IASPM-US president, Steve Waksman, or the two journal editors, Diane Pecknold and Oliver Wang.


Christine Bacareza Balance
Harris Berger
Marisol Berríos-Miranda
David Brackett
Norma Coates
Rebekah Farrugia
Raul Fernandez
Murray Forman
Reebee Garofalo
Jason Hanley
Anthony Kwame Harrison
Deborah Pacini Hernandez
Ellie M. Hisama
Hua Hsu
Steve Jones
Loren Kajikawa
Anahid Kassabian
Beverly Keel
Josh Kun
Portia Maultsby
Mark Anthony Neal
Deborah Paredez
Devon Powers
Emmett Price
Rachel Rubin
Joseph Schloss
Barry Shank
Jennifer Stoever
David Suisman
Matt Stahl
Karen Tongson
Deborah Vargas
Carol Vernallis
Shane Vogel
Steve Waksman
Gayle Wald
Eric Weisbard

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