IASPM-US Mentorship Program

by justindburton on January 26, 2012

This comes from Lindsay Bernhagen, one of the student representatives for IASPM:

You are invited to participate in a new initiative supporting graduate student popular music scholars. This year, we are establishing the IASPM-US Mentorship Program. The IASPM-US Mentorship Program, which is loosely based on the Preparing Future Faculty model, is designed to facilitate mentorship relationships that provide support for advanced graduate students preparing to enter academia. The program also offers current faculty a chance to directly invest in the future of popular music studies.

In particular, this new program is designed to assist graduate students in strategizing their professional development as popular music scholars in terms of:

  • finding and applying for jobs, fellowships, postdocs, etc.
  • compiling C.V.s and composing job letters
  • identifying appropriate venues for presenting and publishing research
  • establishing legibility (and legitimacy) to a variety of audiences/colleagues

The specific responsibilities of each member of the mentor/mentee pair are at the discretion of those involved, but please note that this program is not intended to add dissertation or thesis advising responsibilities for the mentor.

If you are interested in participating as either a mentor or a mentee, email your name, affiliation, whether you are a graduate student or a faculty member, your preferred email address, and a brief description of research interests and/or the disciplines with which your work overlaps to lindsay.bernhagen@gmail.com. If you are a faculty member, please indicate whether you would be willing to provide mentorship to more than one graduate student.

Please submit your information by February 24th, 2012. We will do our best to pair each applicant well in advance of our upcoming conference, so that participants who are attending will be able to arrange a time to meet in person.

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