IASPM-US Interview Series: Call for Interviewers

by Greg Weinstein on October 1, 2016

IASPM-US is looking for people to contribute to our Interview Series. The Interview Series has been a mainstay of the IASPM-US website, and there are some new additions to the list of books you can select from. It’s a terrific way to keep up with some of the most recent popular music scholarship, and also to connect with other scholars in the field.

If you’re not familiar with the Interview Series, here’s how it works: We have a list of books on the site that publishers have suggested for the series. If you’re interested in any of the books, you can email me, and I will arrange for a copy of the book to be sent to you and for you to be in touch with the author. You read the book, interview the author in whatever format you prefer, and you submit the interview for publication on the website.

You can look at some past interviews here, and view the full guidelines here.

We accept interviews on a rolling basis, and we will continue to add books to the list throughout the year. But books are generally assigned to the first person who requests them, so why not have a look at the list and start working on one now? If you want to volunteer to do an interview, suggest a book to be added to the list of available books, or ask any further questions, email Greg Weinstein (grweinstein@davidson.edu or iaspmus@gmail.com).

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