Greening the Music Industry

by justindburton on September 7, 2011

From alternet comes a rundown of a few eco-friendly music labels. One of those labels is Earthology, run by Craig Minowa, who is also the leader of Cloud Cult.

Earthology’s recording studio was constructed from salvaged wood and plastic, including wood and metal from a chicken coop. The sound insulation is made of recycled clothing ground into fiber. The soundboard and decks were built from, respectively, boards made of recycled newspaper and plastic bottles. Today the label operates from an organic farm and is powered by geothermal energy. It uses organic and recycled materials for merchandise and advertising, and the label’s profits are donated to environmental organizations.

The article focuses primarily on tangible music goods like clothing, CDs, vinyl, and tours. I would be curious to know about the “green”ness of digital music consumption, once server space and download/storage power is factored into the eco-cost.

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