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by justindburton on April 11, 2012

Feedback Press has just rolled out the first five installments of a new line of short publications called Pop Papers. Before handing the full description over to Feedback, I should direct your attention to the blue book on the far right of the picture above.

See it? Yup, that’s “Intense Encounters,” by Luis-Manuel Garcia, an essay he originally wrote for the IASPM-US website, where a Feedback editor caught site of it and asked him to include it in the Pop Papers series.

First off, congratulations to Luis! Second, thanks to Feedback for accepting his work on a non-exclusive basis so that we can keep it here on this site, too.

For those of you interested in Feedback, check out their website. In the meantime, here’s more info on Pop Papers, in their words:

Pop Papers is a series of short, incisive discussions, narratives, works of scholarship, and pieces of criticism published by Feedback Press. Our “pop” is more verb than noun: we are interested in work that treats music and its cultures as part of popular culture no matter what the style, genre, or contexts may be.

The series welcomes original papers and essays hereto commercially unpublished on musical topics and cultures throughout the world as approached from innovative writerly and theoretical approaches. We expect a high standard of research, writing, and editing. We provide payment, a thorough editorial process including a rigorous peer edit, and high quality publication with letterpress print edition and well-designed electronic versions.

Be sure to check out the full line of Pop Papers and the other publications from Feedback Press!

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