Call for Readers: U2 Studies Journal

by justindburton on November 18, 2011

Achtung! The U2 Studies Journal is a peer-reviewed semi-annual e-journal publishing inquisitive, analytic and critically-minded writings exploring the music, work and influence of the band U2. The journal serves as an interdisciplinary gathering place for furthering conversation and debate amongst critics, readers and U2 fans about the band’s artistic merits, historical significance, and cultural consequence, and for fortifying the emerging field of U2 studies. Achtung! is an international journal and invites submissions from everyone, but currently publishes articles in English only. Our present publication schedule is for a yearly Spring and Fall issue, launching in 2012. The journal is not affiliated with U2.

The journal’s mission is to connect U2 fans with inquisitive critics and readers; to publish critical analyses exploring the music, work and influence of the band; to promote debate about the band’s significance and consequence; to reflect the commitment and dedication of the band to its audience; and to fortify the emerging field of U2 studies.

The editors are seeking readers for submissions to join the volunteer Staff Reader group. The job description for a Staff Reader is: “A Staff Reader will: read and evaluate submissions; recommend manuscripts for publication; collaborate with other Readers and Editors during the decision making process, work on potentially tight deadlines; and communicate effectively verbally and in writing with Editors and staff members.”

If interested, please submit a current vita and a brief statement expressing your interest and qualifications to or contact Scott Calhoun for more information.

Scott Calhoun
Associate Professor of English
Cedarville University
Director, U2 Conference:
Exploring U2, the book:
Staff Writer: @U2,

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