Call for Nominations: IASPM-US Board

by Jessica Dilday on December 3, 2014


The International Association for the Study of Popular Music, US Branch (IASPM-US) seeks nominations and self-nominations to serve on the Board of IASPM-US. All members serve for two years, with the President serving an additional two-year term as “Past President” upon expiration of her term of office.

The following positions are open, and will be filled by an election to be held early in 2015. Terms of office will begin at the end of the national meeting in Louisville (Feb 2015).

PRESIDENT: A Member of the Board. The titular CEO of the corporation; supervises the Board’s activities (including those of Treasurer, Secretary, and Journal Editors), runs the Branch business, chairs the annual Business Meeting. Current President: Robert Fink

VICE-PRESIDENT: A Member of the Board. Takes on the duties of the President should the President be unable or unwilling to fulfill them. Works with the President to help run the Branch’s business as above.

AT-LARGE MEMBERS: Members of the Board. Consult with the President, Vice-President, and other officers; serve on committees, etc. Future leadership of Branch. Three (3) at-large members will be elected this year.

STUDENT MEMBER: A Member of the Board. Represents graduate student interests, consults with other officers, serves on committees, etc. Future leadership of Branch.

See the IASPM-US Bylaws (on our website, for detailed information on officers, terms, etc.

Nominees for service on the Board of IASPM-US must be members in good standing of the Branch at the time of election. (One can be put in nomination without being a member; but any nomination or election of a non-member will be invalid if the nominee is not a member of IASPM-US by the time of balloting.) Nominations will only be accepted from current members of the Branch. Members may be nominated without their explicit consent, but a member can decline nomination at any time.

Please send nominations, self-nominations, or questions about nomination to the Chair of the IASPM-US Nominating Committee, Rebekah Ferrugia, at  The deadline for nominations is January 15, 2015. All Nominations should include:

– the Nominee’s full name
– the Nominee’s institutional affiliation, if any
– a brief statement detailing the Nominee’s interest in running and any relevant qualifications/experience.
– Email contact information for the Nominee
– Full name of the nominator (for our records)






Robert Fink, President
on behalf of the Board of Directors
and the Nominating Committee

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