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by admin on May 23, 2011

IASPM-US has decided to use a public domain to host its listserv, as members move from one school to another fairly often, making university-hosted listservs obsolete fairly quickly sometimes. Starting Fall 2011, we will be using Yahoo Groups to host and archive the listserv. By using a non-university host like Yahoo, it will be easier to pass control of the group from one set of officers to the next, and it will also allow easy access to archives so that members can search and browse past messages. The group will be located at

If you are already a subscriber to the current listserv, I will begin adding you to the new listserv starting July 5 and continue until everyone has been added (some of you have probably already received an email letting you know about your addition). Here’s the catch: Yahoo only allows me to add 10 members each day (it’s a measure intended to prevent spamming). If you have five minutes and a Yahoo ID already, it would be quite helpful if you could go to the group and add yourself (this is also what you’ll want to do if you aren’t already on the listserv). When you join, you’ll be able to choose the email address where you receive this listserv (it doesn’t have to be your yahoo address) and choose other settings options, too. As in the past, the listserv is intended to be used for information pertinent to the entire group, which means that choosing to receive an email for each post should not result in an oversaturation of your inbox.

The listserv’s new address will be I will send an email to everyone and post an announcement here at the blog when all have been added and that address is ready to be used (it might take a couple of months). In the meantime, you can continue to use IASPMUS-L-request@LISTS.MTSU.EDU to communicate with members of the organization. I’ve heard from some who have had trouble sending messages to the MTSU address. If you aren’t having success sending to that address, just email me (, and I can send the message for you until the new address is ready.

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