Advisory board members David García, Reebee Garofalo, and Jason Oakes have formed a committee to draft an official statement condemning Arizona House Bill 2281, also known as Arizona’s Anti-Ethnic Studies Law. The rationale for such a condemnation might include: academic freedom in teaching and curriculum development; the importance of providing students with a deeper, more accurate, and more comprehensive understanding of American society and its diverse cultures; and ethnic studies being an area of scholarship at our leading universities which has produced an extensive and useful body of knowledge for educators at all levels of instruction. Our discussions have also included the possibility of including a condemnation of Arizona Senate Bill 1070—the infamous anti-immigration measure—in our statement.

To read these legislative items please visit:

We would like to invite participation in and feedback on the drafting of this statement from all IASPM-US members. Please contact the committee with your comments and suggestions.

David F. García,
Reebee Garofalo,
Jason Oakes,

Thank you,

David F. García