JPMS Online 2012

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After March 2012’s POP/IASPM-US joint conference, Sounds of the City, a collaborative project was hatched to feature the work presented at that conference in both print and online versions. This collaboration pulls in the Journal of Popular Music Studies (Karen Tongson and Gustavus Stadler), the EMP Museum (Eric Weisbard, also on the IASPM-US executive committee), and IASPM-US (Anthony Kwame Harrison, also on the JPMS editorial collective, and Justin D Burton). A print version of JPMS appearing in Fall 2012 (24:3) features eight essays from the conference, and we selected several more to publish on the IASPM-US website in the fall of 2012. Below are links to the JPMS Online essays, an exciting collection of reverberations from a spectacular March weekend in New York.

Circuits in the Grid: The Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center in Harlem in the ’50s, ’60s & ’70s, by Andy Battaglia

Treme’s Aural Verisimilitude, by Zarah Ersoff

Cairo Underground: Revolution and Cultural Renaissance, by Banning Eyre

Going Gaga: Scream, Shout, Lose Control, by Jack Halberstam

Charlie Gillett – Sound Citizen of London, by Dave Laing

Hear, Here: Location-Based Music Commodities, by Jeremy Morris

Driving Freely Through the World: Cosmopolitanism in K-Pop, by Chris Randle

“That’s Why Darkies Were Born”: Black Singers and the Minstrel Tradition in New York City, 1931-33, by Yuval Taylor

LA Eccentricity in the 1970s: Thomas Jefferson Kaye, Hirth Martinez, and Moon Martin, by Ken Tucker