IASPM-US History Project

Be sure to check out the IASPM-US History Project Roundtable at the 2014 conference, Saturday from 4-6 PM in KMB 2131

IASPM-US is beginning to undertake a substantial project to document the history of the organization. The first steps in this effort involve interviewing past presidents of the organization along with past editors of the in-house journal, Journal of Popular Music Studies. These interviews will be recorded (preferably video, but simply audio is a possibility) and transcribed for housing at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives. We also plan to publish a version of the organization’s history via the website (iaspm-us.net) and potentially in other forums, as well. Because of the size of this undertaking and the organization’s history of being participant-driven, we’re issuing a call for interviewers to conduct the initial round of interviews with presidents and editors. Please see the call below for details.

Call for interviewers: We are looking for IASPM-US members who would be interested in interviewing past presidents and past editors of the organization’s journal, the Journal of Popular Music Studies. The interviews will be one-on-one, recorded, and transcribed. IASPM-US will provide transcription of the interviews, and we can also assist in arranging for recording setup, so any interested interviewer should be able to participate. The interviews should be conversational, and the project coordinators have sketched out a comprehensive guide of questions and topics to guide participants through the interviews. All who are interested should apply by emailing the interview project editors Steve Waksman and Justin Burton at swaksman@smith.edu and justindburton@gmail.com. (Please email both editors to save us the trouble of having to pass things back and forth.)

IASPM-US History Project Coordinators

Barry Shank
Reebee Garofalo
Steve Waksman
Jason Hanley
Lauren Onkey
Justin D Burton

Archival Documents

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