Announcing the New IASPM-US Web Editor Team

by Jessica Dilday on June 4, 2015

Dear IASPM-US Readers,

It’s been a great pleasure to work as web editor for IASPM-US during the last two years. June 1 marks the first official day of Victor Szabo’s term as IASPM-US web editor-in-chief, which means May 31 was my last day. I will continue to serve in a different capacity, as I was recently voted into an open seat on the executive committee.

Continuing the fantastic work of Mike D’Errico and Justin Burton, Victor and I have sought to enhance the website’s social media presence, fielded numerous submissions for both the mixtape series and interview series, and provided real-time updates for the annual conference held in Louisville, KY (including a livestream and subsequent archival video footage). A big thanks to those of you who read the site and share with others – I hope we have provided engaging reading (and listening) material that has stimulated and inspired your own scholarship. I’m excited about where Victor Szabo and the incoming assistant editor, Greg Weinstein, will take the website and the organization’s online presence in the next year.


Jess Dilday

Victor Szabo is an interdisciplinary music scholar, and a recent PhD graduate of the Critical & Comparative Studies program at the University of Virginia’s Department of Music. He engages critical musicology, music analysis, cultural studies, philosophy, and media studies in his research on late 20th- and 21st-century Western art and popular musics, with focus on pop, electronic, and experimental genres. His dissertation investigates the aesthetics and history of Ambient music through extended analyses of several key recordings in the genre’s history. Other areas of research include musical evaluation & taste, music & affect, queer musicology, bad remixes of Top 40 songs from the ’90s, craft beer, and dancing the night away.

Greg Weinstein’s scholarly interests center on the creative processes of record production and the associated businesses of selling and consuming records. He received his PhD in Ethnomusicology from the University of Chicago with a dissertation about classical music record production, and he is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Writing and Music at Davidson College in North Carolina. Although relatively new to IASPM, Greg feels very much at home there. His hobbies include sabermetric analysis of baseball and writing about himself in the third person.

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