AMS/SEM/SMT Conference Preview: Ecomusicology Listening Room

by justindburton on October 30, 2012

Mark Pedelty, whose book Ecomusicology: Rock, Folk, and the Environment (Temple University Press, 2012) was featured in our Interview Series this summer, is heading up a unique project at this weekend’s mega-conference in New Orleans. As the project also exists as a website, attendees can check out the content (although, in the case of the images, in much smaller form) ahead of time in preparation for the event.

The Ecomusicology Listening Room is a collection of soundscapes designed to inspire reflection, questions, and new ideas concerning the relationship between music, image, and place.

This is the companion website to a live exhibit. Ecomusicology Listening Room design teams crafted virtual soundscapes around central ecomusicological themes, with the intent of evoking the broadest possible range of interpretations.

The Ecomusicology Listening Room is a joint association, alternative format exhibit for the American Musicological Association (AMS), Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM), and Society for Music Theory (SMT) meetings in New Orleans, November 1-3. The ELR will be on display in the Exhibit Hall during business hours. There will also be a special session on Friday, November 2, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Salon Gallier of the Sheraton, where each  soundscape will be presented electronically. All in attendance at the special session will be invited to participate in the interactive discussion.

The ELR is also a communication tool for building the field of ecomusicology in a creative, interdisciplinary, and above all, collaborative fashion. There is a feedback feature in each of the virtual soundscape “rooms.” If you are interested in telling the Ecomusicology Listening Room community about your experience in a room or rooms, we would like to hear your thoughts, interpretations, questions, or whatever else you would like to contribute to the growing interdisciplinary conversation concerning music and the environment.

For more information, there is a Literature page presenting information related to academic research that informed individual exhibits and an extensive bibliography of ecomusicological publications.

We hope that you enjoy the Ecomusicological Listening Room

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