How to Join

To become a member of IASPM-US, please visit Wiley-Blackwell.

Membership in IASPM-US brings with it many benefits, from full website access to a free subscription to our in-house publication (the Journal of Popular Music Studies) to participation in a network of like-minded colleagues. Membership in IASPM-US also allows you to make presenations at our conferences. Moreover, as a member of IASPM-US you become a member of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music and will receive the International’s newsletter, Review of Popular Music.

How To Join IASPM-US

Membership in IASPM-US is handled by Wiley-Blackwell, publisher of JPMS. For information about joining IASPM-US or for questions about your membership status or to update your contact information, please visit Wiley-Blackwell’s IASPM-US membership page linked above.

All rates include membership in the US and International chapters of IASPM and a subscription to JPMS. Dues are as follows:

Individual memberships US $70
Student/Unwaged membership US $39
Joint memberships US $81

Renew Your Membership

Members can renew their membership at any by visiting Wiley-Blackwell’s IASPM-US membership page linked above.

Member news and accomplishments

Send your successes to so they can also be included in the IASPM-US newsletter!