A note to members

Dear IASPM-US members,

On September 20, 2010 the new IASPM-US website was officially launched under the same URL as the previous site: http://iaspm-us.net. Our new homepage is designed to be both an information clearinghouse and an interactive space where IASPM-US members can exchange news and ideas. Also, ideally, the site will attract a wider audience and expand our membership in the future. With this is mind, the website is compatible with currently popular social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter (#iaspmus). An IASPM-US Facebook page will be launched soon and integrated with the homepage.

Designer Fred Gates built the website using a WordPress platform which allows for easy editing and uploading of new content. This is where you come in. Sharing your knowledge, expertise, and opinions on the site will make it exponentially more useful and interesting to our membership and more attractive to outsiders. Everyone is tremendously busy, of course, but even small and/or sporadic contributions to the site will make it a far richer experience. For instance, if you come across an interesting popular music-related item you would like to see on our “news ticker,” or if you have something to say about a particular piece of scholarship or journalistic writing (or artist or recording) in the forum, or if you have developed a thematic bibliography for a class or other project that you would like to share, etc. etc., please don’t hesitate to contribute. Send your leads, links, ideas, and original posts to oakes3@cooper.edu. All contributions will be credited.

Finally, the website will function as an appendage to annual conferences and to the Journal of Popular Music Studies. Breaking news on conferences (calls for papers, registration information, leads on accommodations) will be posted and updated as soon as available. Papers from past conferences will also be made available, from authors who give permission, as part of an on-line, partial “conference proceedings.” Finally, when it comes to the Journal, authors will have the option to publish additional web content (links, music, images, etc.) to accompany their pieces in the journal itself. This content can be found under the Journal of Popular Music Studies banner, together with one-click links to full-text articles in the current issue.

Thank you for reading this far, and thanks also for the feedback you have already generously provided. As a final request, if you have a link to a personal homepage or other profile page, please send the link to be posted in the “Member profiles” section of the site. I look forward to hearing from you.