2009 Conference

IASPM-US Popular Music Conference

IASPM-US Panel Schedule — 2009

Selected Papers

Ake, David — “Sex Mob and the Carnivalesque in Post-War Jazz”

Bernhagen, Lindsay — “Music, Video, and Cyber Politics: Online Communities of YouTube Mashups Post 9/11”

Blake, David — “Internet Music Criticism As Archive: Pitchfork Media and Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea”

Booth, Alison — “Producing Musical Events: Golden Memories Presented at IASPM (US) 2009”

Boyd, Melinda — “More Than Just A Backwoods Barbie: Dolly Parton’s Musical Craft”

Cateforis, Theo — “The Death of New Wave”

DeMartelly, Beezer de — “Gay for Johnny Depp: Subcultural Anti-Marketing and Record Label-Media ‘Incest’ in the Capitalist Music Industry”

Dumas, Tony — “Flametal: Negotiating Tradition, Cosmopolitanism and the Tensions of Hybridity”

Harrison, Anthony Kwame — “Emcee Authenticity and Post-Colonial Consciousness within Filipino American Hip Hop”

Hicken, Andy — “‘The Wishes of Your Parents’: Power Ballads and Male Anomie in Tana Toraja, Eastern Indonesia”

Holm-Hudson, Kevin — “The Bad Plus’s Border Dance Around Tradition”

Ingalls, Monique M. — “The Evangelical British Invasion: Challenging Boundaries, Transforming Congregational Song”

Oakes, Jason Lee — “Not-So-Typical-Girls: Skirting the Boundaries of Punk Rock with the Slits”

Piper, Jonathan — “Mixtapes Without Tape: Materiality and the Object in Digital Music Listening”

Powell, Elliott H. — “The Ghosts Got You: Hip Hop and the Intellectual Property Debate”

Simmons, Bobby — “Hello GoodBye: Boomer Music in Advertising”

Vallastel, Triin — “Ethnolinguistic Nationalism and Estonian Hip-Hop”